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A spot on Calabria wins the 2020 Travel Experience Awards

01 December 2020

It is all Calabria that won the prestigious award at the International Exchange of Experiential Tourism held from 23 to 30 November.

The adrenalin, food and wine, and cultural experiences of Calabria that the tourism start-up Eimì Experience was able to transfer into a commercial designed to promote the region’s beauty, have allowed it to win the Travel Experience Awards 2020, a prestigious prize awarded at BITESP, the only International Exchange of Experiential Tourism held from 23 to 30 November, this year in telematic mode due to the covid emergency.

This is an all-Calabrian victory: in addition to the evocative images of the region, the mind, heart and soul of this video are also Calabrian, starting with the start-up’s creator and administrator, Paola Scuticchio, the directors Andrea Mauro and Vittorio Sala of the ‘About’ Creative Agency, and all the extras in the video. Several locations were chosen for the making of the video, including Catanzaro, Tropea, Pizzo, Lamezia Terme, Camigliatello, Tiriolo, Marcellinara and Sellia Superiore.

The award ceremony took place yesterday, on a digital platform, and was presided over by the president of Bitesp, Leonardo Surico, who during his speech highlighted the great genius expressed in the commercial made by Eimì: ‘I must congratulate all the participants,’ said Surico, ‘but I would like to point out that some of the works were truly ingenious both from the point of view of the conception of the video itself, and for the way the directors were able to construct it. Among these I would like to mention the one by Eimì Experience: it is a video that is striking precisely because of the genius of the subject used. I would like to pay my compliments to whoever conceived it, because it really is a beautiful commercial, ideal for promoting tourist packages”.

“The idea for the video,” explain the two directors Andrea Mauro and Vittorio Sala, “came from the desire to move away from classic corporate commercials and give Eimì that creative imprint that would distinguish it in an international contest. We hypothesised that this would be the best way to rank among the top spots, and we were right. The final ironic touch also made the whole thing very funny and more enjoyable to watch”. “The script,” they add, “has two important imprints: vision and reality. How many of us dream, in the middle of a boring meeting, of escaping and transporting ourselves with our minds to wonderful places? Here, this was the basic concept that inspired us, the Eimì business concept that tends to give customers unique experiences that they will always take with them”. “Companies like Eimì Experience,” they conclude, “bring prestige to our beloved land. Especially in the tourism sector. Calabria in particular is a Ferrari that does not exceed 40 km/h and therefore people like Paola Scuticchio, who have the will to relaunch the wonders that, at times, the Calabrians themselves do not know they possess, are vital for our land’.

Here is the video:

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