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Free yourself in the air or sail the Mediterranean.
Experience Calabria from a new perspective


Unplug from the routine and treat yourself to a personalised experience in exclusive locations


Let yourself be intrigued by the places and stories of an undiscovered Calabria


I am Eimí

I Am: The rediscovery of the beauty of human nature also through technology as a new non-destructive aid but in useful symbiosis with human creations.

I Am and I Act for the Future of the Community.
I deploy most of my resources in the research and development of models, technologies, products and services also through the promotion of innovative spin-offs with the implementation of partnerships together with organisations, enterprises, foundations, research centres, public and private entities of any rank and importance: local, regional, national and international.

Personal Photographer

Exclusive, adrenaline-fuelled experiences will be lived to the full without the worry of having to use a device to capture the moment. A Personal Photographer is available to create real video reportages, photo books and high-quality souvenir photos.

Personal musician

For all special occasions spent enjoying an exclusive experience, they will be even more memorable on the right notes of a musician who can make the atmosphere even more magical (violinist, saxophonist, pianist, band, small orchestra).


More than a tour guide, the Storyteller will be able to narrate the places visited by offering an 'immersive' welcoming experience, based on the ability to transfer information and, above all, the spirit of an area.