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I am Eimí

I Am: the first collector on the territory of unique experiences, adrenaline, food and wine, cultural, exclusive, luxury.

Eimì from greek “I am” is an innovative startup and was born from the mind of the entrepreneur Paola A. Scuticchio, an expert in marketing and with decades of experience in tourism.

Eimí was born with the aim of accompanying the traveller to discover a new story of Calabria through points of view out of the ordinary.
Every single experience is meant to be different from anything you’ve tried before.
We believe in an emotional tourism, which aims to live intense and lasting emotions to the traveller through personalized experiences. Involve the traveller through the senses to amplify emotions and create unforgettable memories.

Eimí is the new perspective of Experiential Tourism in Calabria, in luxurious, exclusive and unique locations.

The New Frontier of Experiential Tourism in Calabria

Eimì Experience

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EIMÍ Experience | Don’t Dream it. Live it.