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"Experience the wonder of it." Live an unforgettable day in a charming medieval village, with a guided walk along its characteristic alleys and gastronomic experience to enjoy local dishes based on seasonal products at zero kilometer. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of this charming medieval village, taste forgotten flavors and scents. Located in a strategic position of the Calabrian territory, it offers the visitor the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature, between sea, hill, mountain, rivers and waterfalls. Experience the

"Warm welcome, it was like feeling at home. I will never forget the scent of citrus groves in bloom, intoxicating! Exquisite, genuine cuisine and excellent preparation of the guides in guided visits to museums." Exclusive day in a historic masseria, with a rural park and an educational farm. The perfect choice to spend carefree moments in the countryside. Among with plantations, gardens, stables, poultry but also many cultural attractions: ancient hydraulic structures of the trappeto (oil mill), the farm museum and the

"It was a real surprise, I never thought that such small creatures could create wonders! Knowing the differences between all the honeys and their combination with food was a revelation! The environment in which we found ourselves, totally immersed in unspoiled nature

"An incredible reality, out of the ordinary. Immersed in nature and history where every detail is taken care of in detail. Sustainability is the flagship, trained and super professional staff" Enjoy a break of peace and nature walking among hundreds of hectares of silent olive groves and leafy vineyards, among squirrels, badgers and marsh birds, an entire ecosystem gathered in five hundred hectares. And again, visit the oil mill, which operates four months a year, and the modern and efficient cellar;

"We took back our time and spirit. A lovely place with a magical atmosphere. In close contact with nature but enjoying luxury services, a wonder to be repeated! " An immersive glamping experience in total contact with nature but with luxury services. Spending the night in pretty little houses in the woods, taking a bath in a whirlpool tub among century-old trees while sipping a tasty aperitif, enjoying a sauna surrounded by nature, this and much more will make your stay

“A spectacular sea view and on clear days you can perfectly see the majestic figure of Stromboli. What more could you want? What's more, the welcome that was given to us, the constant presence when you needed some advice and making you feel a bit like at home but in a natural spectacle setting " “The facility is wonderful. One step away from the center and the beach. The view is wonderful especially at sunset. What can I say about the

“A unique experience of its kind for the skill, availability and kindness of the troupe. "Physically and mentally flying through the clouds at the end of the lap offered us a great tasting of typical Calabrian products." "I managed to realize the dream of a lifetime

"Wonderful place, kindness and courtesy of the owners as well as great competence regarding the silk supply chain. First visit to the silk museum and then to the cooperative where the silkworms are raised and the silk itself is processed. We were told very interesting things and a demonstration of how silk is obtained from silkworms. Very very interesting. Don't miss it! " Under the Byzantine rule, Calabria was one of the first regions of Italy to introduce sericulture in Europe. "Journey