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"An exciting multi-sensory experience that lived in a vintage Turkish gulet used as a boat restaurant. A winning mix where everything was perfectly balanced: lights, sounds, scents and, of course, flavors. A suggestive location with a breathtaking view, very studied in the furnishing in which every element present is in full harmony with the context. The open kitchen is splendid.

"Wonderful place, kindness and courtesy of the owners as well as great competence regarding the silk supply chain. First visit to the silk museum and then to the cooperative where the silkworms are raised and the silk itself is processed. We were told very interesting things and a demonstration of how silk is obtained from silkworms. Very very interesting. Don't miss it! " Under the Byzantine rule, Calabria was one of the first regions of Italy to introduce sericulture in Europe. "Journey

“Uncontaminated nature, beautiful trails and many outdoor activities, with qualified and extremely helpful staff. Don't miss the flight, a unique experience! There are also barbeques available. All at the gates of the Sila, what more could you want? " “Intrigued by the excellent reviews, and the good feedback received, I decided, together with my group of friends, to undertake this adrenal experience. I did route ADRENALINA 3, and I flew over Borgo to do absolutely. All well organized and safe. " Fly

"Fly as you never expected in total safety while admiring breathtaking views never seen in Calabria. Unique perspective" An adrenaline-pumping experience in the Calabrian sky. Experience the thrill of flight in a different and fun way. Fly free over the most beautiful places on the Ionian side. Discover views never seen before. Have fun and experience the thrill of free flight.

”Experience the discovery and the past." Experience the land of the Feaci and let yourself be fascinated by the legendary path that took Ulysses to Calabria among myths, wine, honey, legends and artisan shops. You will discover the place where the meeting of Princess Nausicaa with Ulysses, who arrived here shipwrecked from the Lametine coast. You will walk among the centuries-old olive trees to discover the fermentation cellars and the beautiful underground barrique; you will see the oil mill where the oil is