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Cassiodoro Tour

Cassiodoro Tour

$120 per person

“Timeless journey in an uncontaminated sea where I never expected it …”
“I was alone in one of the hidden beaches on this wonderful coast, marveling at every little thing I encountered, hedgehogs, fish, hummingbirds … all in a desert island atmosphere … magical”

Sail to the discovery of Cassiodorus in its Ionian coast.
Discover pools, rocks, secret beaches, pristine caves by sea where you can snorkel, sup, yoga or simply relax in total tranquility as if you were on a desert island.
On board an aquatic vehicle we will take you to magical places, rich in unspoiled nature in beauties carved into the rock, telling you the story of Cassiodorus.

  • Included
    Personal coach
    Personal musician
    Personal photographer
    Personal sommelier
    Personal tour guide
    Sailing ships
    Vintage Vespa
  • Not Included
    Auto luxury
    Kite Surfing
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal food advisor
    Personal interpreter
    Personal shopper
    Vintage cars

Tour Location

Caminia - Soverato - Copanello

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