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Cruise on the food and wine gulet

Cruise on the food and wine gulet

$200 per person

“An exciting multi-sensory experience that lived in a vintage Turkish gulet used as a boat restaurant.
A winning mix where everything was perfectly balanced: lights, sounds, scents and, of course, flavors.
A suggestive location with a breathtaking view, very studied in the furnishing in which every element present is in full harmony with the context.
The open kitchen is splendid. … the study and research behind each dish, made with high quality raw materials and presented in an impeccable way ”

Spend a day on a gulet used as a boat restaurant.
Set sail on a fully renovated 19th century Turkish gulet with pirate connotations and references to the Prohibition period, sailing on the coast of the Gods and experience a unique adventure.
Go back in time with the unique flavors and selections of the chef on board.
Enjoy drinks with original recipes from 1700 to today by choosing them from pirate notebooks.

  • Included
    Personal coach
    Personal food advisor
    Personal interpreter
    Personal musician
    Personal photographer
    Personal sommelier
    Personal tour guide
    Sailing ships
  • Not Included
    Auto luxury
    Kite Surfing
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal shopper
    Vintage cars
    Vintage Vespa

Tour Location

Costa Degli Dei

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