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Balloon Tour

Balloon Tour

$250 per person

“A unique experience of its kind for the skill, availability and kindness of the troupe.
“Physically and mentally flying through the clouds at the end of the lap offered us a great tasting of typical Calabrian products.”
“I managed to realize the dream of a lifetime …”

Southern Italy is a unique, uncontaminated territory, yet to be discovered.
The hot air balloon is the only way that will allow you to experience the best perspective of the land between the two seas.
The experience of our team will take you on a flight towards the discovery of the true and authentic soul made in the south, made up of food and wine landscape excellence, typical crafts and sites of historical and cultural interest.
* There are two starting points: Camigliatello Silano (CS); Sibari (CS)
* In group flight (MINIMUM 8 PEOPLE)

  • Included
    Auto luxury
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal food advisor
    Personal photographer
    Personal tour guide
    Vintage cars
  • Not Included
    Kite Surfing
    Personal coach
    Personal interpreter
    Personal musician
    Personal shopper
    Personal sommelier
    Sailing ships
    Vintage Vespa

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