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Quad in Sila – in pairs

Quad in Sila – in pairs

$90 per person

“Wonderful day is an understatement !!! Wonderful autumn ride in the fabulous Sila, with unparalleled colors, sounds and smells! All accompanied by great professionalism, friendliness and kindness … I highly recommend, you will not regret it! Without a doubt we will be back very soon, indeed we can’t wait for the snow to arrive to take a quad tour inside a fairytale picture. Thank you so much”

Run agile on the famous four-wheeled motorcycle and overcome obstacles, resisting on all kinds of terrain.
Move nimbly among the trees, wade rivers, lake shores, overcome obstacles and run on stones, roots that emerge from the ground and among the furrows dug by the weather.
Spend a different day than usual in fun and safety enjoying the Sila woods with its breathtaking views.
Experience the forest as you have never done inebriated and relax.

  • Included
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal coach
    Personal food advisor
    Personal interpreter
    Personal photographer
    Personal shopper
  • Not Included
    Auto luxury
    Kite Surfing
    Personal musician
    Personal sommelier
    Personal tour guide
    Sailing ships
    Vintage cars
    Vintage Vespa

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