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Journey in the silk

Journey in the silk

$50 per person

“Wonderful place, kindness and courtesy of the owners as well as great competence regarding the silk supply chain. First visit to the silk museum and then to the cooperative where the silkworms are raised and the silk itself is processed. We were told very interesting things and a demonstration of how silk is obtained from silkworms. Very very interesting. Don’t miss it! “

Under the Byzantine rule, Calabria was one of the first regions of Italy to introduce sericulture in Europe.
“Journey into silk” is a journey that starts from afar, with the aim of making known the ancient tradition of silk art, leading visitors to uncontaminated places where greenery and nature are the masters.

  • Included
    Auto luxury
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal food advisor
    Personal interpreter
    Personal photographer
    Personal sommelier
    Personal tour guide
    Vintage cars
  • Not Included
    Kite Surfing
    Personal coach
    Personal musician
    Personal shopper
    Sailing ships
    Vintage Vespa

Tour Location

San Floro

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