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Stand up Paddle

Stand up Paddle

$160 per person

“Experience the conquest. (Lunch included)”

Explore the Coast of the Gods in Stand Up Paddle on a guided tour along one of the most beautiful coasts in the world. Long white beaches, along 55 Km of coast, which are followed by jagged rocks creating small coves.

Sail by the water in the Riviera of sunsets. On the horizon the Aeolian Islands to experience the enchantment of the most beautiful sunset in the world.
You will be guided by an experienced instructor to live the experience in total safety.

SUP is an increasingly popular sport on beaches around the world.
Born as a variant of surfing, it involves the use of a larger and voluminous board and the use of a paddle for moving and propulsion.
SUP is an activity for everyone that, unlike surfing, does not require great learning time. You can learn by yourself in no time.

They say of us: “Fantastic experience! Discovering pristine places with the help of a trained guide was an incredible and unexpected adventure”

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