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Tasting in the Cellar

Tasting in the Cellar

$30 per person

“An incredible reality, out of the ordinary. Immersed in nature and history where every detail is taken care of in detail. Sustainability is the flagship, trained and super professional staff”

Enjoy a break of peace and nature walking among hundreds of hectares of silent olive groves and leafy vineyards, among squirrels, badgers and marsh birds, an entire ecosystem gathered in five hundred hectares. And again, visit the oil mill, which operates four months a year, and the modern and efficient cellar; the suggestive underground barrel room where the barrels and barriques host the harvest selections chosen by expert winemakers, refining them until they are shipped around the world. Walk the corridors between the stables, to see the dairy cows and their calves; the veterinarian at work with two or three deliveries a day; milking, twice a day. And finally taste the fruit of so much work and energy: oil, milk, wine, along with other simple delicacies of the earth, guests of the Emporium, or in the delicious Degusteria, where occasionally you can have lunch with the good and simple things of our land. You will be accompanied by those of us who best know the complexity of the holistic company in order to make you relive and enjoy it, giving you all the information to be able to fully understand its meaning.

  • Included
    Auto luxury
    Kite Surfing
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal food advisor
    Personal photographer
    Personal sommelier
    Sailing ships
    Vintage cars
    Vintage Vespa
  • Not Included
    Personal coach
    Personal interpreter
    Personal musician
    Personal shopper
    Personal tour guide

Tour Location

Lamezia Terme

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