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Tasting of Italian honey

Tasting of Italian honey

$30 per person

“It was a real surprise, I never thought that such small creatures could create wonders! Knowing the differences between all the honeys and their combination with food was a revelation! The environment in which we found ourselves, totally immersed in unspoiled nature … Unforgettable “

Honey is a product that has very ancient roots. The Greeks, in fact, considered it “the food of the gods”, Pythagoras recommended it as an elixir of life.
In Calabria this nectar is extremely important given that bees find there an uncontaminated habitat with very rich vegetation, one of the reasons why this region boasts the primacy of Italian production.
Taste all the honey products and its derivatives from certified organic companies and discover the fundamental role of bees accompanied by expert beekeepers.

  • Included
    Auto luxury
    Pedal-assisted bicycle
    Personal food advisor
    Personal photographer
    Personal shopper
    Personal sommelier
    Personal tour guide
    Vintage cars
  • Not Included
    Kite Surfing
    Personal coach
    Personal interpreter
    Personal musician
    Sailing ships
    Vintage Vespa

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